Young Irish Film Makers

My Son Caolan is into making films. He is currently in Young Irish Film Makers in KIlkenny. This is is web site and this is one where he is an Actor…

This one is where he is the cameraman.


One of the not so sweet problems I had was being able to watch a DVD on my SUSE Linux Laptop. The issue was mainly that the DVD decoder was not installed. Also for SUSE 10.2 under GNOME, the underlying technology for TOTEM was gstreamer – which by all accounts (google anyway) not so good. I can confirm this.

Best thing to do is just XINE – dont bother with TOTEM – cant see the benefit anyway.

This fellow has very kindly put everything together – so just visit his nice site. It all works I can tell you.

If you have problems getting to this site the just follow this:

Step 1 – Download the LIbrary xine-lib and any dependencies

Step 2 – Download the UI part and any dependencies

Step 3 – Download the CSS stuff from

Linux – Sweet!

Lessons – I thought I would share this with everyone – and hopefully someone can learn about Linux.

 I had to travel to Ireland for the week so I took my laptop along.  For reasons that I am still unware of the OS went belly up with a corrupt CONFIG/SYSTEM file error on boot. 

Nothing seemed to fix it and I didnt have my OS disks with me – although I suspect it would have been a rebuild anyway.

So I went down to local book shop and bought a copy of Linux Format and Linux User.  The Kilkenny Bookshop is an excellent shop if you ever find yourself in Kilkenny with nothing to read.

They always have a distro handy, so I booted Open SUSE 10.2.  Within an hour, I was online with Wireless, had figured out XINE so that my kid could watch a DVD and was able to work on Excel and Word documents. 

Shall just keep SUSE on – seems better anyway and I can blog away too.

Documentum and FAST

If your interested in using FAST then you are going to need the system admin page. Its at

http://hostname:%5Bstart port + 3000]

When you are installing an Index Agent – you will be asked for the start port – default 13000. I have to use 26000 because systems here clog up 24000 with monitoring stuff so for exampel I use

And that displays the admin page – none of which is documented as far as I can gather.


Phone Resoration

Another one restored. I thought I would put this one up. I love GPO Old style phones, especially bakelite ones. I restore 3 types – 120, 162/200 and 300 styyle phones.

In terms of restoration – bakelite repairs are themost tricky and to be honest, I’ve not fond a way of doing it yet myself – so I dont bother. If find a good way, I shall post it for searching.

Lots of good information exists about these phones – I’m not going to copy it – so here you go.

Restoring these phones is a relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon and as such – thats what I do. They are particualrty nice objects and look good in a modern or period styled home.

This is one I did earlier – earlier yesterday that is.

200 Series Bakelite Phone

Documentum and SQL Server

I am usually an Oracle bod.  This is why.  I loaded up Documentum V 5.2.5 last week – more legacy reasons and I wanted to use SQL server.  Installed SQL Server 2000 and SP4.  All went well until the Documentum installer balked and told me it wanted a database that was case sensitive.

Holy tables – Not case sensitive – well of course windows isn’t.  So I had to resinstall SQL Server with Case and Accent sensitive.. A waste of an hour of my life.  Make sure you do it when the installer asks you when setting up.