Documentum and FAST

If your interested in using FAST then you are going to need the system admin page. Its at

http://hostname:%5Bstart port + 3000]

When you are installing an Index Agent – you will be asked for the start port – default 13000. I have to use 26000 because systems here clog up 24000 with monitoring stuff so for exampel I use

And that displays the admin page – none of which is documented as far as I can gather.


Phone Resoration

Another one restored. I thought I would put this one up. I love GPO Old style phones, especially bakelite ones. I restore 3 types – 120, 162/200 and 300 styyle phones.

In terms of restoration – bakelite repairs are themost tricky and to be honest, I’ve not fond a way of doing it yet myself – so I dont bother. If find a good way, I shall post it for searching.

Lots of good information exists about these phones – I’m not going to copy it – so here you go.

Restoring these phones is a relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon and as such – thats what I do. They are particualrty nice objects and look good in a modern or period styled home.

This is one I did earlier – earlier yesterday that is.

200 Series Bakelite Phone