200 Series Bakelite Phone

This is a 1/232 GPO Bakelite phone with a “Bellset Number 1” – fully restored set. The Bellset has a wonderfully gutsy ring and when up on my wall, you can hear it through the whole house.

2 thoughts on “200 Series Bakelite Phone

  1. Indeed it does. I’ve sold a few of these together and they always go down well. The story of the No 41 Bell set shows how we as a nation and an industrial giant used to do things properly and with measure. Most No 1 Bell sets were converted by the GPO to 41.

    Today we’d buy cheap chinese rubbish and then throw it away. Perhaps we shall return to better times – for us and the planet.

    We’ll see how many modern phones stand the the test of time. Some of these phones are at least 70 years old work perfectly on modern networks and are works of art in themselves.

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