One of the not so sweet problems I had was being able to watch a DVD on my SUSE Linux Laptop. The issue was mainly that the DVD decoder was not installed. Also for SUSE 10.2 under GNOME, the underlying technology for TOTEM was gstreamer – which by all accounts (google anyway) not so good. I can confirm this.

Best thing to do is just XINE – dont bother with TOTEM – cant see the benefit anyway.

This fellow has very kindly put everything together – so just visit his nice site. It all works I can tell you.

If you have problems getting to this site the just follow this:

Step 1 – Download the LIbrary xine-lib and any dependencies

Step 2 – Download the UI part and any dependencies

Step 3 – Download the CSS stuff from

Linux – Sweet!

Lessons – I thought I would share this with everyone – and hopefully someone can learn about Linux.

 I had to travel to Ireland for the week so I took my laptop along.  For reasons that I am still unware of the OS went belly up with a corrupt CONFIG/SYSTEM file error on boot. 

Nothing seemed to fix it and I didnt have my OS disks with me – although I suspect it would have been a rebuild anyway.

So I went down to local book shop and bought a copy of Linux Format and Linux User.  The Kilkenny Bookshop is an excellent shop if you ever find yourself in Kilkenny with nothing to read.

They always have a distro handy, so I booted Open SUSE 10.2.  Within an hour, I was online with Wireless, had figured out XINE so that my kid could watch a DVD and was able to work on Excel and Word documents. 

Shall just keep SUSE on – seems better anyway and I can blog away too.