A journal and then some

This is taken from the journal of LORD BYRON – 28th March 1814

“This night got into my new apartments, rented of Lord Althorpe, on a lease of seven years. Spacious, and room for my books and sabres. The last few days have been abstemious, regular in exercise, yet unwell. Yesterday, dined at the Cocoa with Scrope Davies – sat from six till midnight – drank between us one bottle of champagne and six of claret, neither of which wines ever affect me. Offered to take Scrope home in my carriage; but he was tipsy and pious, and I was obliged to leave him on his knees praying to I know not what purpose. No headache, nor sickness, that night nor today. Got up, if anything, earlier than usual and have been much better in health than for many days. I have heard nothing more from Scrope. Yesterday paid him £4,800, a debt of some standing. My mind is much relieved by the removal of that debit.”

This does much resonate with me!

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