Oracle Triggers

I have been working on this – I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

 My application has multiple schema’s – that can be helped – all in the same instance.  Each schema will generate buckets of info.  I want to be able to create a single audit table – and capture some information from each of the schema’s into a separate table. But I cant do it – the only way IO can see to do it is by having a remote database.

For example:

if I have two schema’s s1 and s2 and in those schema’s I have a table called table_trail – same layout.  I put a trigger on each table which should update a single audit table in audit_table in schema s3 – say.

Ok, so I have a trigger for each table:

CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER atrigger  after insert on table_trail  REFERENCING OLD AS old NEW AS new  FOR EACH ROW begininsert into s3.audit_table values(new.col1, new.col2);


basically doesn’t work on a compile because the trigger cannot see s3.audit_table. 

Why is this ?  I though if various rights were granted then it should be OK ? But I cant get it to work.

I have been able to get the remote database link working ok – so audit_table@remote compiles fine and that works.

SOAPy stuff – WebService Test

WebService test form from remote machine

In .NET version 1.1 youcant do a remote  test for remote sessions for obvious security reasons. It still works on localhost, but from remote machine you only get

    <add name=”HttpPost” />
    <add name=”HttpGet” />

“The test form is only available for requests from the local machine.”


You can change that behaviour if you add following code to the  <system.web> section of web.config

    <remove name="HttpPost" />
    <remove name="HttpGet" />

You can similarly turn off remote testing in .NET framework 1.0 because its always on.

Byte Streaming – Documentum

I was trying to get to the bottom of this one. I had a look on the web but its fairly hopeless – leading me to believe that its not been understood.  This is my understanding.

If you have a PDF file in Documentum and its large – then no matter what Documentum will fetch it out, so it will stream the whole file between your client request and the server.  It will then be opened by the local application – bascially like an open. So byte streaming as such is pretty hopeless.  The new 5.3 WebTop clients allow you to access with a UCF or HTTP format – which I think means you can stream the copied files.  If you deliver this file to a web server – rather than the local client machine – then that might just work.  You have a fast copy to a webserver and then you can stream from there.

PDF files have to be optimized to ensure that the acrobat application asks the web server for the file in chunks. As far as I can see IIS, Tomcat and Apache all byte stream quit effectively – so if you use acrobat to get the file from the web – it should page – byte serve without doing much else.   Essentially its down to Acrobat to ask the for the file in bits.  If you have optimized the file – then that should work ok – the server – the web server doesn’t know how many bytes of a file to serve – its Acrobat that know the format and know how much to ask for to be able to display pages sequentially.

 If you want to write some kind of application that does that – I’d say you would be in a world of specific formats and with PDF – dont bother – let Acrobat do it.