Can’t beat it

Aviation is one of my interests. I am a private pilot and I put this up to remind Me that working  for a living has a purpose.


 I learned to fly in Southern California.  A place that I love to be in – To Drive from South LA down to San Diego – to arrive in that wonderful city – is one of the greatest pleasures of my life to-date.

 Once I decided to try and become a pilot, I chose San Diego as the place to do it.  I enrolled in Anglo America Aviation in El Cajon on the 27th October 2001.  Best thing I ever did.  It took me just under two weeks to get the licence.  In that time I flew between San Diego, Imperial, Palm Springs and Oceanside – quite frankly, you woudnt want to go anywhere else – its everything you want, its everything I wanted anyway.

If I ever wanted to do something again – that would be it – groundhog day – keep it going.

A Documentum DQL Thing

If you want to deal with non-current versions of the documents, you
probably should otherwise as soon as any user deletes a current
version they’re in the same old mess, then:
“SELECT r_object_id FROM dm_document (ALL) WHERE FOLDER
(‘<target_path> ‘,descend)”