How Long ?

I am worried about Vista.  I’ve got a new Vaio.  I’ve got Vista Home Premium – and I’ve seen more blue screens in the space of 3 months than I’ve seen with XP, 20o0, 3.1 and DOS in the last 20 years.  I do hope SP1 is going to fix things because as they stand – its just not progress.

Anyway – whilst copying a few MP3s from one internal drive to another – Vista popped up with this little message.  Yes that’s 92 years.  I just dont have that long to wait…..  

Linux is better.  XP is better. Re-recording the music with Cakewalk is better than this.



One thought on “How Long ?

  1. Hi Dave,

    What security products have you added to Vista Home Premium? I vaguely recall that it comes with AV and a firewall bundled in by M$?

    In a moment of madness I ordered a Dell laptop for a relative which came with VHP by default. Having subsequently heard about all the stability issues I wish I’d “upgraded” to XP for 25 quid when I ordered it.


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