The C# @ String Literal

This is why I love C#.  Simple, effective and sensible.


or @”This is a just some text

and on it goes

I love C#

I’m really still into in-line fragments – proper coding.

Citrix and Acrobat and Anonymous Users

Cracking one this…. 

I was trying to get a small app working on Citrix.  Something that allows an ICA session to be launched from a URL.  The URL links back to  a Documentum system.  I decided to set this up as an anonymous user.  No password.  Easy.  But no. Acrobat Reader 8.0 and presumably other previous versions launches some kind of speed launcher – reader_sl.exe.  This stays in memory which is not good for Citrix.  Caused Acrobat to hang.  Anyway – I used AutoRuns from SysInternals – identified the boot sequence and disabled it – spent a couple of days and a few reboots to sort that one out….. anyway it works.