ICA Finder

When in Citrix it could be handy to know what ICA called you when you are going through the login sequence – when usrlgon.cmd gets called – you dont really know that even still.  So this code does it for you.  Written in MS VS C++ and tested in PS 4 – it works a s a DOS type command –

icafinder <STRING> where the string is the name of an ICA.  If the ICAfinder detects a string its exit code will be 1 and if not 0 meaning you can include it in an command file – eg

D:\Admin\icafinder.exe Current
If ERRORLEVEL  1 Goto Found

Where Current is a portion of say an ICA File – #NLS Explorer Current

I based the app on the Citrix Example and you can download here.


Use Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 and use the command line… nmake -f makefile.txt – should work… might need a bit of tweaking

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