Mac… There is no substitute

A little while ago I was lambasting Vista for lots of blue screens.  It just got worse to the point where Vista is so slow and cumbersome.  I wanted a Mac.  But the cost… I have a great PC wont run Vista but why not Mac.  So here is what I did with my 2Gb Dell Inspiron 530

1. I bought MAC OSX – for the licence

2. I downloaded Kalyway Distro 10.5.2

3. Using Acronis Disk Director – created partitions – also loaded the OS Selector

4. Installed MACOS to a 55Gb partition – keeping Vista intact

5. Installed a Realtek ( TP-LINK 3239D ) Dont use the DLINK 530TX – didnt work for me at all

6. Booted and configured – Note Video works but fixed at 1024 x 768 – ok but a bit cramped

7. Downloaded 10.5.3 Plus Kalyway Kernel mods


9. Found an Nvidia GE Force 6200 – stuck it on…

10 Using NVinject – 03 Version for my card

2 hours of using

Yes Unix is better than windows in every respect.  Tell me why its not…..


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