Velleman USB Board – MIDI Controller…

Anyone who knows about the Velleman USB experimental board knows two things that make it briliant.   The first is that they are superbly designed and the other is that they are made in Belgium.

I used to live in Brussels and it is the worlds finest city.

Anyway, I had a great little project for it – simple but effective.  I wanted to use a Boss dual foot switch to drive a laptop based Midi sequencer.  I use Cakewalk audio Virtual Jukebox to do that.  The foot switchmeans that during a performance you can start and stop the sequencer.

Ok, so its only two switches but it was a useful thing to do..

Stage 1 was to write a small VB app to get the inputs.  Simple enough to do – it uses the DLL to monitor the status if the Velleman digital inputs.  It then executes a SendKeys to the Vitrual Jukebox app.

This app also launches the Cakewalk Jukebox.

Connect the Velleman to the Laptop – USB – nice and easy. Works on Vista, 2003 and 2000.

Now to connect the footswitch.  I use a Boss FS-6. I was using this for a DR880 drum machine, however I wanted a more complex rig.  I drive a keyboard and a drum machine from the laptop now – which means I need the footswitch to control the sequencer.

I use USB to MIDI devices to drive the drum machine and Piano from the laptop – two of these little things.

Thats it – The Cakewalk Virtual Jukebox can now be activated by a footswitch…


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