Moving Forwards ?

Two years ago I bought a Dell PC with Vista on it.  I thought I should move forward with the times.  For a million reasons – most of which seem to be logged on the net anyway, I have to say Vista sucks big time.   Today I just had it – no more of a wasted life with it.  No more waiting and waiting for copy of this and that or for apps to appear – so I installed XP again – back to where I was 2 years ago and I have to say – great.  Unless Microsoft can fix this junk with Windows 7 – then I say make sure your next “PC” is a Mac – simple as that.  Its not worth wasting your life on.  Oh I did give it a good chance – I bought 4Gb of mem to run just in case it was a mem issue – nope.  Just the same.  I will have a look at Windows 7 – maybe in a couple of years but only when I read at least one good post about it….


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