Documentum Webtop on Eclipse with debug

ok, Documentum good, really good.  WDK very sophisticated, Webtop good web app for ECM and such stuff.  All good.  Except when it comes to writing apps.  Say you want to mod webtop – can you debug it live in an app server ?  Sure – well not so easy I found.   But here is what I did and it does work.

I am using Documenutm 6.5 with Eclispse 3.1 and tomcat 6 on Windows 2008 64 bit… yeah – 64.  Tried various combos with Tomcat 5.x but seems to have difficulty with 64 bit. 

Read this – works fine.  Very very good actually.  Good job and many thanks

Now you need to configure Eclispse to debug.  I used Run > Debug Configurations. 

Added a new server – Tomcat 6.

For the arguments, I copied in the once from the tomcat configure dialog

For the source, I added the webtop project

The run – it does run – pretty cool – you can now debug

One issue for 6.5 seems to be an error in a java source – About comparable types on ids.append.  You need to go back to the webtop project properties in Eclispse.  java build path – The on the order and export  of the libs tab – put the JRE System Library right at the top.  Dont mess with anything else.   The error went away immediately.  I think this is only on 6.5 related.

 Then you can do your usual.  If you want to mod a class – then do it in the custom/src area or decompile a class and do same. 

I was writing a bit of stuff to add a watermark stamp to a webtop PDF delivered doc on the fly.  So that when you view, you can see the time it was generated.  I did this for the virtual link handler by decompiling the virtual404handler – adding in a method after the object is pulled from the docbase and before its sent to the client. 

Did all this with debug – so its pretty handy.

Paul Warren is the definitive source for all things to do with this sort of stuff – pure genius – but lots of other very smart folks out there – many thanks for their posts on this as well