Mac with Windows

I have been experimenting with the best way of having both Windows and MAC.  Linux is great for servers – but you dont need it for apps.  I’ve got Lion on a 27 Inch iMac.  So I loads up Oracle VirtualBox.  Its like VMWare except its free and its amazing.  So within maybe 1/2 hour I got Windows 7 running in a seamless mode – which means I really do have the best of both.  I need Mac for development and xcode – but I can also run the Windows sessions on Visual Studio – works like a charm. – you can get the Mac version here.  It’s really very easy to set up.

I am going to get a 4Gb upgrade for starters – I put Windows 64 bit on as well – so it makes sense to have a bit more.  But you can’t do two things at once so VB seems to allow you to reallocate.  I really like the seamless mode – just works together very nicely.