Development Stuff

This page is about C# and other development stuff  I think Microsoft have got it right 100% – a great programming language – based on C and fit for use in the 21st Century.   Java is great too and Android.. wow…

Now we can get on.  Mono is where its at – I think anyway.  If you are convinced by the simplicity and power of .NET and you want to include Linux and Solaris in your strategic planning then this is the way forward.

I dont need to say anything else except to say that .NET is they way to go for client applications that work and are easy to develop and deploy web or fat.

Mono means you can put some server software on a good bit of kit with a descent OS like Solaris or Linux and you can write stuff in a bloody good programming language.

Its thats simple.  Yes it is.  Unix for server applications and Windows for client stuff.  Microsoft excel at client and Unix excels at server.  These are quite different things and why should one OS server all and be the best ? Well right now its not.  I love Linux like a brother and I love Microsoft like a brother.

Its the future and it works for everyone.

I am working on some C#/mono stuff with Documentum and this page is going to be used to keep progress and publish what I do.

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