This page is about Documentum related posts. Visit for more information this. You can also visit as his page is far better than mine on Documentum. I intend to put stuff about Documentum on here that you can link to. Its 100% my view on the Documentum product.

4 thoughts on “Documentum

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  2. Hi Dave,

    My team is planning to migrate from Documentum 5.3 to 6.5, we use PIA from C#.
    I am a beginer to documentum and do not know anything about that. In fact no one in our team has worked on C# or Documentum.
    I am searching for starting point for shifting the PIA code to DFS, as most of the sites state that PIA has been depricated in 6.5.
    Can you please tell me how DFS is different me from PIA and is there some tutorial for DFS using C#?

  3. Hi – the DFS env is quite different to the DFC/PIA environment. Documemtum supply a DFS PIA and you can easily write managed c# code with that. For DFS its a service based interface – it would need quite a lot of redesign work. Why not keep your PIA app and just use it on D6 ?

    • The engineering team has decided to migrate to 6.5 version so we also need to redesign our code accordingly. Can you provide me any links for tutorial/reference material on DFS PIA?

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