Documentum and SQL Server

I am usually an Oracle bod.  This is why.  I loaded up Documentum V 5.2.5 last week – more legacy reasons and I wanted to use SQL server.  Installed SQL Server 2000 and SP4.  All went well until the Documentum installer balked and told me it wanted a database that was case sensitive.

Holy tables – Not case sensitive – well of course windows isn’t.  So I had to resinstall SQL Server with Case and Accent sensitive.. A waste of an hour of my life.  Make sure you do it when the installer asks you when setting up.


2 thoughts on “Documentum and SQL Server

  1. Documentum is a fussy product as it has to work in the same way with DB2, Oracle, Sybase and SQL server – so I assume thats why it needs to be case sensitive.

    However, I would have thought it quite good that you could search a value on a case sensitive basis – why would most folks think case insensitive is better ? Interesting…

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